Hillside: The Italian Bride

This sighting was told to me by a friend who works at the high school across the street from Mt. Carmel Cemetery. He, in turn, heard this story from a co-worker.

Martin, a custodian, was working the evening shift at the high school. It was a quiet night and many of his co-workers had left already. He was finishing up some paperwork in the office. When he looked out of the office window, there was a small woman wearing a white dress sitting on the bench next to the loading dock. She was quietly staring off down the hallway.

Figuring that this lady was a mother waiting to pick up her child from some activity, Martin got up and left the office to help her find where she needed to be. As he was approaching the woman, she disappeared before his eyes, almost as if she was a mirage -a trick of light.

Shaking with fear, Martin locked up the office and all but ran past the bench where the lady was sitting through the loading dock doors. Once in his car, Martin sped off and called in sick for the next two days. He still is nervous when he is alone at night while at work.


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